Helen Staniszewski Makeup & Hair Artist

My passion? When you look in the mirror and your breath is taken away. You know the look where you realize that everything has come together perfectly … You look gorgeous and feel absolutely amazing.

I have been a licensed professional in the hair and makeup industry for years but I discovered my love for the beauty industry almost 20 years ago. One day in middle school, I was curious about hair color and makeup so I bought a bunch of products and started experimenting. I quickly discovered my talent and love, despite not having any formal training.
From that spark, I perfected my skills and spent several years servicing my luxury clientele. On top of my private clientele, I have also serviced savvy clientele for top beauty brands, such as Chanel, Laura Mercier, MAC Cosmetics, Clarins, Prescriptives, Chantecaille and Shiseido.

My makeup and hair services include, weddings, events, fashion, runway, print and film.

I can’t wait to share this glamorous experience with you soon, so let’s get started!


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